Open Horse Riding

The Expo is a wonderful community resource for equestrian use. There are elaborate trails, wandering through trees and along creeks, that are ideal for an afternoon's ride. With plenty of trailer parking and room to unload, it's great place to do a little trail riding without hauling your horse for hours.

Or, make use of our Open Riding schedule in either of our arenas. You'll find terrific footing made of crushed granite and sand, ideal for trying out a new horse or just giving your existing one a little exercise-no matter what the weather!

March 2018 Updated 3/21/18
February 2018 Schedule
Open Riding Rules

For the safety of others in the arenas we ask that you refrain from lunging of your horse.


These rates are per horse trailer.
$40.00 Monthly (Sept —May)
$20.00 1/2 Month (purchased after the 16th of Month)
$200.00 Season Pass (Best Value) (Sept 1-May 31)

Passes are available at the Expo office, Monday—Friday, 9 AM—5 PM
All riders must check in at the Expo office to purchase a pass.
Monthly & season passes will have stickers for your trailer.
Questions call our office at 541-774-8270

If you own a horse or you just like watching them, we encourage you to make use of The Expo's top-notch equestrian facilities.


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