The BrewFest is always flowing with a remarkable selection of award-winning microbrews from the Pacific Northwest, the State of Jefferson, and even some specially invited guests from the rest of the country’s favorite breweries.


JD’s Sports Pub  -- Chetco Brewing -- Climate City  -- Bend Cider -- Summit Beverage -- ABOne Distributor


Beers Schduled to be ontap.


MaliBrew Barbie - Raspberry Rhubarb Kettle Sour
Just a Phaze - Hazy IPA
Topless Rafter - Blonde Ale
Boysenberry Wheat
MCT Overland Amber Ale
Blackberry Ancho
Mandarin Juniper
Patriot Pale ale
543 Double IPA
Knockout Stout
Pils or kolsch or Oktoberfest
Gesundheit Hefe
Chetco Sour
Save for Ted Porter
Elmorado IPA
Kodiak Pilsner
Block & Tackle Stout (2023 World Beer Cup Gold Winner)

N/A Samples- FREE 

(no tasting tickets needed to sample these non-alcoholic beverages)


Ghost Energy Drinks

Cherry Limeade

Sour Pink Lemonade

Bubbleicious Cotton Candy

Faze Pop

Sour Green Apple


Liquid Death Teas

Rest in Peach

Armless palmer

Grim Leafer


Estrella (Jalisco)

Space Dust  (Elysian)

Dragons Tooth  (Elysian)

Oktoberfest (Widmer)

Wild Herd (Goose Island)

Mango Cart (Golden Road)

Black Berry Pie Cider  (Square Mile)

Imperial Hard  Cider (Square Mile)

Peach lemonade Cider (Square Mile)

Imperial Key Lime Pie Cider (Square Mile)

Respberry Cider  (Square Mile)

Refeshy cider   (10 Barrel)

In Gose Lime (10 Barrel)

Agrio Merado (10 Barrel)

Cincade Mojito (10 Barrel)

Mango Crush Sour (10 Barrel)

Oregon Brown (10 Barrel)

Bee-Loved (10 Barrel)

Sinister Black (10 Barrel)

Nature Calls (10 Barrel)

Camp Vibes (10 Barrel)

Guava Crush Sour (10 Barrel)

Cloud Mentality (10 Barrel)

Clean line Seltzer Huckleberry (10 Barrel)

Pilsner (Breakside)

West coast Best Coast IPA (Breakside)

Double IPA (Buoy)

Helles Lager (Buoy)

541 IPA (Caldera) 

Huckleberry Lemonade Seltzer (Caldera)

Capella Porter (Ecliptic)

Phaser Hazy IPA (Ecliptic)

Focus IPA (Ft George)

Short Sands Lager (Ft George)

Beach Life P.O.G Ale (Goodlife)

High Altitude Lager (Goodlife)

Fresh Hop IPA (Laurelwood)

Pumpkin Ale (Laurelwood)

Bikini Blonde Ale (Maui)

Orderville Hazy IPA (Modern Times)

Overcast Espresso Stout (Oakshire)

Watershed IPA (Oakshire)

Bronze God Marzen (Pelican)

Kiwanda Cream Ale (Pelican)

IPA (pFriem)

Japanese Style Lager (pFriem)

Bondi IPA (Sunriver)

Fuzztail Hefeweizen (Sunriver)

Juicy Gorilla Juicy IPA (Wild Ride)

Nut Crusher Peanut Butter Porter (Wild Ride)

Rippah IPA (Walkabout)

Workers Pale (Walkabout)

Imperial Pomegranate Cider (Apple Outlaw)

Oregon Blackberry Cider (Apple Outlaw)

Blackberry Cider (Avid)

Imperial Apricot Cider (Avid)

Imperial Honey Crisp Apple Cider (Incline)

Imperial Tart Cherry Cider (Incline)