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Jackson County Fair

July 14, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Since 1859, people have traveled from throughout the region and beyond to attend the Jackson County Fair. The 2020 Jackson County Fair; the year of the “NOVEL” Coronavirus was just that…novel.
It’s time…
To Bring BACK the FUN in 2021
As of Thursday, May 20, 2021, the Jackson County Fair Board and staff have decided to focus our efforts on how to hold an in person fair July 14- July 18. With all of the current risk restrictions and changes within the COVID-19 guidance we are going to wait to start selling tickets until June 14, 2021. These next 3 weeks could make a huge difference in our capacity levels for the entire fair and concert program and we want to host everyone we possibly
can! (Yes, we are having concerts 😊)
While we wait in anticipation of the fair food, the midway games, the exhilarating rides and the ONLY-found-at-the fair vendor items… why not create something to enter into the Open Class Fair competition?
Visit: The Fair Creative Arts page for more information on how to enter.
Finally, we ask all of you, who are wanting to come out and have a great time this year,
PLEASE extend some grace.
We are working 3 times harder than normal (3 different sets of risk level plans) to try to provide an event that is affordable and fun for you and your family. It is a TOUGH
SCENARIO with the rules and regulations, the current economic environment and the employment environment. We are thankful we have had the many opportunities as your fairground/Expo to serve Southern Oregon this year during the fires, through PPE Distribution and now the
Covid Vaccine clinics.
We want to re-enter the world of entertainment and yet, frankly it is scary to be trying to WOW you like we did pre-pandemic. Thank you for your grace and your support. Let’s get started by extending our kindness to other events
and all people who are “Bringing BACK FUN in 2021