Saddle Cow Application

Objective: The objective is to have the fastest time in the event while conducting yourself as a fine sportsman and handling livestock in a good manner.


  1. A team consists of two members, the “Rider” and the “Hazer”.
  2. Contestant can only compete on one team during the rodeo.
  3. Both team members must sign a release prior to the rodeo.
  4. Contestant must be 18 years of age to compete.
  6. Arena attire will consist of jeans, long sleeve shirt, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. Shirt tails must be tucked in.
  7. No loud, obnoxious profanity or unsportsmanlike conduct.
  8. Abuse of the stock which is deemed unnecessary or cruel, as determined by a Judge or Arena Director will result in a no time.

Saddle Cow Event

  1. Rider must use a ranch style saddle.
  2. Saddles must have cinches and latigo.
  3. Condition of tack is the team’s responsibility.
  4. Cows will be loaded in individual chutes at the same time.
  5. It is the team’s responsibility to saddle their cow.
  6. Hazers will open the gate all at once. Hazer cannot touch the cow.
  7. Rider must ride for 6 seconds.
  8. Hazer and rider carry the saddle back to the chute. BOTH team members must be holding some part of the saddle or it will be a no time. 9. Winning buckle goes to rider with a 6 second ride and fastest time back to the chute. Both hazer and rider must be holding the saddle or part of the rigging when throwing the saddle into the chute.

Participant Information


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