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Queen Nation

July 20 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

July 20 @ 7:00 pm 9:00 pm


After Freddie Mercury’s death, fans everywhere have tried to recreate the amazing performances that they gave. Queen Nation stands at the forefront of this effort, encapsulating the spirit and passion for tribute band authenticity.


The legendary Queen band, captivating hearts for over two decades, remains an iconic force in rock. With Freddie Mercury, their unmatched frontman, they set new heights in showmanship. Their packed concerts showcased Freddie’s unique stage magic and the band’s unrivaled energy.

The Birth of Queen Nation

Queen Nation is a group that honors the music of Queen. The goal is to provide the world’s best Queen tribute band experience at every live show.

This tribute band pays homage to the original members of Queen, celebrating their iconic music, charm, and vitality.

Queen Nation, birthed in 2004 in Los Angeles by DMHEcaptures Queen’s iconic 70s-80s concerts. Comprising four skilled musicians, this band revives Queen’s classic magic through every Queen band member.

At the helm is vocalist Gregory Finsley. His voice, eerily similar to Freddie’s, and his piano skills, make him a true embodiment of the legendary Queen lead singer. Thanks to him, every performance feels like you can sing with Queen’s true spirit.

Our dedication led to titles like “The People’s Choice Tribute To Queen Champions.” We’ve received an honor in the California Music Hall Of Fame in 2020. While we also won the Best Live Band award at the 2020 VCMA’s.

Queen Nation’s Stellar Line-up

For those wondering, “who was the lead singer of Queen?” the answer is the unparalleled Freddie Mercury. The Queen lead singer’s unmatched vocal range and captivating stage presence made him a rock legend.

While Queen Nation strives for authenticity, other tributes like Marc Martel and their Black Jacket Symphony offer varied interpretations. Even others like Almost Queen, and Killer Queen, pay tribute to the rhapsody tour of Queen Tributes.

Critics and fans have recognized Marc Martel, in particular, for his uncanny vocal resemblance to Freddie Mercury. Still, for those seeking the complete package — the look, the sound, and the spirit — Queen Nation remains unrivaled.

The world of rock has seen numerous collaborations. Modern projects like Queen’s Adam Lambert prove that Queen’s legacy is ever-evolving. Brian May, the guitarist from Queen, and the other surviving members have gracefully carried on. They have proven that Queen’s music is timeless.

While Freddie Mercury’s passing left a void, his essence is reborn with every Queen Nation performance. Fans can feel comforted knowing that Queen Nation keeps the memory of Queen’s lead singer alive whenever we perform.

Gregory Finsley channels Freddie Mercury’s spirit while Mike McManus nails the guitar riffs, emulating Brian May. Pete Burke drums like Roger Taylor, and Parker Combs brings out John Deacon’s bass vibes. Together, we make every concert feel like a trip back in time, celebrating Queen band members today.

The Queen tour 2023 will be a phenomenal journey, echoing classics we all love.

Fans who’ve attended a Queen concert know the magic of singing along to hits with thousands of fellow enthusiasts. Now, with Queen Nation, they can relive that moment with fellow Queen members.

Experience Magic with Queen Nation

Join Queen Nation as we take you on a thrilling ride through Queen’s best hits. Songs like “We Will Rock You” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” will transport you to the golden days of rock.

As the Queen tribute scene grows, Queen Nation stands firm in its commitment to honor Queen’s legacy with every performance. From killer riffs to harmonious vocals, our shows are a testament to the band’s enduring appeal. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or discovering Queen for the first time, Queen Nation promises an unforgettable journey through rock history.