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Rogue Broadband

SEPTEMBER 15-16, 2023

Fri 4-7 pm
Sat Noon-7 pm


Rogue Broadband
Southern Oregon BrewFest

SEPTEMBER 15-16, 2023

Friday, 4-7pm
Saturday, noon-7pm


Rogue Broadband BrewFest

The full-blown Rogue Broadband BrewFest is here with the help of a few friends at  Anheuser-Busch, 10 Barrel, and Summit Distributing are bringing in great craft brews and wine. Over 70 taps to choose from.

Friends Of the Fair
Beer Garden

The Beer Gardens & The Breweries

The BrewFest is constantly flowing with a remarkable selection of award-winning microbrews from the Pacific Northwest, the State of Jefferson, and even some specially invited guests from the rest of the country’s favorite breweries.