Seven Feathers Event Center

Seven Feathers Event Center

One of the largest covered arenas at The Expo, the 57,000-square-foot Seven Feathers Event Center is ideal for events that make use of the large dirt floor and stadium-style seating, such as concerts, horse shows, rodeos, dog competitions, motor sports and more.

The facility has two raised concrete decks that run the length of the arena. Guests can sit safely on wooden bleachers while they view the exciting events below. With solid railings, bathroom facilities and concession stands on both sides of the floor, the Seven Feathers Event Center is designed for family-friendly events. Two convenient automated-teller machines make it easy for sales-driven events.

The arena also includes a show office and an additional space that can be used as a hospitality area or dressing room.

One of the best features of the Seven Feathers Event Center is its versatility. The dirt floor can be covered over and set up with booths for informational events, trade shows, home shows, and fairs; it can also be dragged to provide ideal footing for action-oriented events. Because the facility includes all the bells and whistles renters need to host a major event, it’s the ideal arena in the Rogue Valley.

Download the Floorplan Map as a PDF