Pets On the Grounds

Although the Expo does not encourage patrons to bring their pets to the Fair or other events, The Expo does understand the desire and, in some cases, the necessity. For the safety of Expo guests, patrons, employees, and contractors, The Expo does ask patrons to abide by the following:

1. Pets must be fastened to a leash and under control at all times. A leash must not be longer than six (6) feet. Do not tie or connect your pet in any way to Expo property, including but not limited to trees, equipment, buildings, fencing, etc.

2. Do not leave your pet unattended.

3. Make sure you have containers with you so you can provide your pet with water.

4. You are responsible for immediately cleaning up animal waste made by your pet. Do not allow your pet to deposit animal waste in areas with food booths, flower beds, sidewalks, and paved surfaces. Bring products to clean up after your pet’s waste adequately, i.e., poop bags, scoopers, etc.

5. Dispose of animal waste in “garbage containers” that are stationed around the grounds. DO NOT dispose of the animal waste in recycling containers or in livestock bedding or livestock bedding piles.

6. For the safety of everyone at the Expo, if your pet shows signs of aggression towards people or other animals, The Expo may/will ask you to remove the animal and return to the Expo without your pet. If your pet bites or injures another person or animal, you may be held liable for any damage or injury. Once notified of the injury, the Expo will assign public safety to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office to investigate.

7. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS UNATTENDED IN A VEHICLE. If this occurs, the Expo representatives, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and/or Animal Control will be contacted, and actions may be taken by the sheriff’s office to remove the pet from the vehicle and animal abuse charges considered.

8. For the safety of the public, exhibitors, animals, and your pets, we prohibit you from taking your pet into any facility or area where animals and livestock are housed or on display. Service pets are allowed in the buildings where animals and livestock are housed, but please consider the safety of your animal and that of other animals and people before doing so.

9. Pets are not allowed in the Bi-Mart Amphitheater or the Seven Feathers Event Center seating areas during concerts or other activities that may result in crowded conditions. Service pets are allowed in the Bi-Mart Amphitheater or the Seven Feathers Event Center seating areas, but the Expo requests 72 hours’ notification of the activity for which the Expo guest wishes to attend with their service pet.

This is to allow the Expo to find reasonable accommodations that allow for easy ingress and egress and to avoid areas that may result in the service pet being a tripping hazard for other guests. The Expo’s goal is to accommodate the needs of the patron and their service pet while seeking accommodations that provide for the safety of all guests attending the event or activity.