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Open Horse Riding

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October 24, 2023 – March 20, 2024        


We are going to keep the Open Riding Program very similar to last year, with a few exceptions. We are going to have the Isola Arena open on October 24 for Open Riding. If you purchase a pass in October, it will be valid until the end of November. Also, Passes are $30 per month per trailer.

If you would like to purchase a Season Pass for the entire Open Riding year it will by $100. One and done! You will be required to have a pass on your trailer, just like in the past.

Monthly Pass $30 per trailer  – (For the 1st through the end of the month. No Pro-rate available.)

Season Pass -- $100 per trailer

The Expo is a wonderful community resource for equestrian use. Come make use of our riding arena. You'll find our riding arena ideal for trying out a new horse or just giving your horse a little exercise-no matter what the weather!

  • We will have the Isola Arena available for the Open Riding program.
  • Please check the calendar to make sure the arena has not been rented.
  • We ask everyone to be courteous and share the arena.
  • Open Riding Monthly pass is $30 or $100 for the season
  • Once you submit the form, you will be forwarded to a payment page where you can purchase the Riding Pass Sticker.
  • You must stop by the Expo office and pick up your pass before you start riding. We will have your sticker ready for you.
  • Passes are available at the Expo office, Monday—Friday, 9 AM—4:30 PM
    All riders must have a current Open Riding pass on the driver's side tongue of the trailer.
  • Isola will be open from 9 am - 8 pm unless rented.
  • Please check the calendar.

Questions, call the Expo office at 541-774-8270


  • Enter the Expo at Gate J (Southern Oregon RV Park)
  • Open Riding will be in the NORTH Parking area.
  • Enter via the driveway just before the STAN FOLEY gate
  • Park vertically for the easiest ingress/egress- (only one driveway)
  • Lock vehicle when not present (lots of extra peeps walking around lately)


  • Chaisson Gate will be unlocked but closed.  You may need to open and close if you are the first/only person at the arena to ride.  Please close if you are the last one out.


  • You can turn on the lights during the day if the weather requires. Follow the steps below anytime after 8 am. They will stay on until 8 pm.
  • The light “button” is on the “arena” side of the concrete outbuilding behind the bleachers.
  • Press the green button, and the lights will start to illuminate (remember they are somewhat slow)
  • Lights will automatically go off at closing time. (8:00 pm)
  • Parking Lot lights will go off within 30 minutes of closing. (8:30 pm)


  • A porta-potty is next to the utility shed, where you turn on the lights. Please let the office know if it needs to be serviced.