Olsrud Arena

Olsrud Arena

Built through a generous gift to the Friends of the Fair, the Olsrud Arena is one of the jewels of The Expo. Local business owners Sherm and Wanda Olsrud, longtime supporters of the Jackson County Fair, were honored to have the arena bear their name. It was officially dedicated during the 1999 Jackson County Fair and has proved to be one of the most popular buildings at The Expo.

This fully enclosed building has hosted a wide variety of events, including amateur boxing, concerts, lectures, cooking seminars, dog shows, and antique and estate auctions.

With its nearly 12,000 square feet, the Olsrud Arena is ideal for a variety of non-livestock purposes. The building features five large, roll-up doors that give it an open-air feel. Bleacher sets along three sides provide a total seating capacity of 980. The Olsrud Arena has radiant heating in the ceiling, sodium lights and a built-in public-address system. The external bathrooms include shower facilities.

For auctions, show management or business purposes, the large, climate-controlled office features a ticket sales window.

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