Olsrud Arena

Olsrud Arena

A product of the generous contribution to the Friends of the Fair, the Olsrud Arena stands as a cherished gem within The Expo. The namesake of this facility, Sherm and Wanda Olsrud, local business proprietors and devoted backers of the Jackson County Fair, felt honored to have their name associated with this arena. Its official dedication took place during the 1999 Jackson County Fair, and since then, it has proven to be one of The Expo's most esteemed venues.

As a fully enclosed structure, the Olsrud Arena has accommodated a diverse array of events. Its versatility has been showcased through hosting activities like amateur boxing, musical concerts, informative lectures, culinary seminars, dog shows, and antique and estate auctions.

With a substantial area of almost 12,000 square feet, the Olsrud Arena is optimal for various non-livestock purposes. The building boasts five sizable roll-up doors, contributing to an open and airy ambiance. Seating is facilitated by bleacher sets on three sides, accommodating a total of 980 attendees. Featuring radiant heating in the ceiling, sodium lights, and an integrated public-address system, the arena ensures a comfortable experience. Additionally, external restrooms are available, complete with shower facilities.

For endeavors such as auctions, event management, or business functions, the spacious climate-controlled office incorporates a ticket sales window, enhancing the overall functionality of the arena.

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