Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo Court Rules & Requirements

  • Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo Court members (hereafter referred to as “Court members”) must be between the ages of 17 and 25, and be a high school graduate or attending high school.
  • Court reign is January - December. It is permissible for the applicant to be underage at the time of tryouts, but must attain age 17 at the start of her reign.
  • Court members must be unmarried, not pregnant, and have no children at the time of tryouts and remain so during their reign.
  • Court members shall be available for pre/post rodeo promotions, appearances and completely available during the week prior and during the week of the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo. Court members shall act as hostesses during the day to greet rodeo visitors and shall ride in the Grand Entry at each rodeo performance. Failure to meet this requirement is subject to dismissal by the Court Committee.
  • All Court members and their family members are expected to represent the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo in a courteous, professional manner. A POSITIVE ATTTITUDE and TEAMWORK are expected. Any misconduct, including, but not limited to the following, will not be tolerated and may be cause for immediate dismissal and loss of the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo Court Title, if the Court Committee deems it necessary:
    • Use of illegal drugs, tobacco, or alcohol
    • Foul language
    • Inappropriate behavior, including inappropriate behavior with members of the opposite sex and inappropriate dress attire.
    • Attacks or abuse, either physically or verbally, including gossip, of other Court members, family members, rodeo members, Rodeo Committee members or Court Advisors.
    • Abuse or neglect of the Court member’s horse, clothing, and tack that is the property of the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo.
  • Each Court member shall have her own horse, or have a signed, long‐term lease. Substitute horses must have the approval of the Court Advisor. Horses must be healthy, with current vaccinations and worming. The horse must be kept clean, trimmed, and shod. No stallions, late term pregnant mares, or mares with foals allowed.
  • Court members are responsible for their own transportation, as well as the transportation of their horses.
  • Each Court member shall have her horse tack and apparel in showmanship condition. Court members will be properly groomed and attired for all appearances.
  • Court members are responsible for the upkeep of their tack and clothing as well as items belonging to Jackson County. Any lost or torn clothing or tack must be replaced or repaired at the Court member’s expense. During the reign, Court clothing and tack may be used only for designated Court activities. Revolving items (crowns, breast collars, chaps, serapes, etc.) are owned by Jackson County and used for the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo Court. Court members will carefully maintain revolving items during their reign. Court members must be dressed in the appropriate Court outfit (cleaned and pressed), hair, and makeup at all Court events, as designated by the Court Advisor.
  • The Selection Committee will choose one young woman to represent the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo as its Queen and one as Princess. The Court member that scores the highest will be named Queen; the second highest score will be named Princess. An alternate, with the third highest score, will also be named and may move into the princess position, if the princess is unable to fulfill her duties, or the princess is moved into the Queen’s position.
  • If the Court member is unable to fulfill her position as the representative for the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo after being selected, the Rodeo Committee, Queen and Court Committee reserve the right to determine if the position will be replaced or remain vacant.
  • Clothing and accessories worn by the Court members will be provided by the Rodeo Committee and will remain the property of Jackson County. Any additional clothing and/or accessories the Court members wish to purchase for appearances must be approved by the Rodeo Committee. The Court Advisor will determine which outfits and accessories will be worn at appearances.
  • Court members will be required to attend riding events, parades, speaking engagements, meetings, festivals, and radio and public appearances.
  • The Queen and Court Committee will determine the schedule of appearances and their decision will be final. The Queen and Court members may suggest possible appearances and functions to attend.
  • The Queen and Court members shall not attend any functions or act of behalf of the Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo without a chaperone or without the approval of the Rodeo Committee.
  • Court members must agree to the rules and sign the Court contract prior to the pageant. The Wild Rogue Pro Rodeo Committee, Queen and Court Committee have full authority in making final decisions regarding the Court.
  • Any monies received from sponsors for the Court shall be deposited into a dual control savings account controlled by the Court Advisor, Queen and Court Committee. The Queen and Court Committee will distribute monies. How sponsor money is to be spent is at the discretion of the Queen and Court Committee. All receipts must be turned in at end of each appearance/event and must match the amount of sponsor money given to Queen and Court.
  • At the end of each year, there must be a minimum of $500.00 in the Court savings account for next year’s Court.

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Rodeo starts 7:00pm

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The rodeo is the home of the only 100-point bull ride in rodeo history, and First Place Winner of the 2014 and 2015 Justin Boots Best Footing Award on the Columbia River Circuit. Top performers of the Professional Rodeo Cowboy's Association (PRCA) compete for over $81,000 in prize money.

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